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ㆍ제목 : OSN 2007년 5월호

Laser iridotomy shows efficacy as prophylactic treatment for PAC suspects

Laser peripheral iridotomy significantly lowered IOP and increased angle width in most

patients with suspected primary angle closure, a prospective study found. However, one-fifth

of patients had residual angle closure postoperatively, the authors noted.


Statins may reduce the risk of developing cataract, late AMD

Statins may have protective effects on the development of both cataract and age-related

macular degeneration, according to results from a population-based study.


Inaccurate preop measurements most frequent cause of incorrect IOL powers

An incorrect measurement of preoperative corneal power was the most frequent reason

identified for implanting an incorrectly powered IOL leading to unexpected postoperative

refractive errors, according to a study by researchers in Utah.


Posterior lamellar keratoplasty shows efficacy for treating corneal edema

Microkeratome-assisted posterior lamellar keratoplasty can be used as an alternative to

penetrating keratoplasty for treating patients with pseudophakic or aphakic corneal edema,

according to a small study by researchers in Iran.


Intraocular antibiotics prevented posttraumatic endophthalmitis in study

Intraocular injections containing the antibiotics gentamicin sulfate and clindamycin effectively

prevented the development of bacterial endophthalmitis in eyes that sustained penetrating

injuries, a prospective study found. In particular, eyes with a retained intraocular foreign body

benefited from treatment, the study authors noted.


Researchers report 13 cases of MRSA keratitis after laser refractive surgery

Researchers identified 13 cases of infection by methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in

eyes treated with laser refractive surgery procedures, possibly representing the first reported

series of infectious keratitis caused by the organism, according to the study authors.


With caution, cataract surgery yields good results in children with microcornea

SEATTLE - Early cataract surgery in pediatric patients with microcornea appears to produce

favorable visual outcomes, according to a study presented here. However, postoperative

complications are of concern in these patients, especially glaucoma, the authors noted.


Repeat bevacizumab injections similarly effective to initial treatment in study

Patients repeatedly treated with bevacizumab for choroidal neovascularization experienced

improvements in vision similar to patients who received their first drug injection, a

retrospective study found.


Study finds more transient inflammation with tinted AcrySof IOL in children Children

implanted with the blue light-filtering version of the AcrySof IOL showed significantly higher

rates of transient postoperative inflammation than children who received the standard

nontinted lens, a study by Texas researchers found.


Study finds phakic IOLs can benefit children with neuro-behavioral disorders

SEATTLE - Phakic IOL implantation can be an effective option for improving visual function in

children with high myopia and neuro-behavioral disorders who also have difficulties wearing

glasses, according to a study presented here.

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